Janeiro Pole (Written step by step)

Today, I will take you step by step on how to do the Janeiro Pole Move.

I have only attached a few pictures because I am yet to actually do the finished move. (This is a progression blog and I have still a lot to learn.)

There are many different ways to get into this move. I am going to show you how to do it from a fallen angel / cross ankle release. There is a video on my instagram from a cross knee releases but personally I find it easier from a cross ankle release.

First make sure that you have applied appropriate grip if you need. The stronger you get the less grip you will need to use. ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO USE A SPOTTER, THIS MOVE IS PAINFUL TO FALL OUT OF, BELIEVE ME! This moves also requires a lot of wrist strength and back stretching so make sure you have warmed up.

  1. Climb up the pole,  recommend you be fairly high, probably 2/3 of the way up so you have more space to work with. Once up the pole, position yourself into the fallen angel. This is where you have you legs straight and crossed over at the ankles.
  2. Once you feel comfortable lean back and make sure that your grip is secure at the thighs and that you legs are tipping up as your upper body is leaning down.
  3. Once you are leaned all the way back move your hand behind the pole and put the hand that is closest to the pole behind it and holding how you would in an invert position, this will form a ‘table’ for your leg to rest on later on. It is important that you move the arm up so it is more at a 90* angle. The hand on the outside of the pole should lean down to hold the pole as you would for a butterfly.
  4. As you do this the leg that is crossed over becomes uncrossed and you balance both legs in the air. The one that is not crosses should still be behind the pole acting as stopper to keep you in balance.
  5. Now you bring the leg that is on the side to the bent arm down. You slowly move it down to balance on the arm that is in the ‘table position. Make sure that your knee is facing outwards as this will aid your balance.
  6. Once you feel secure and your hands are leg is in place. Slowly you unhook straight  leg from behind the pole and bring it in the same direction as your other leg. All your weight will be placed on your stomach grip and your arm so make sure that you are secure before attempting to move this leg.
  7. Lastly once you are balanced, relax and take off that straight arm that is not supporting your leg. It feels the more your back is arched into your arm the better the hold will be.
  8. This is the Janeiro and at the moment it is my nemesis move.
  9. Now smile and take a pretty picture of this insanely pretty move!

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