The fear of a particular spin

There is nothing I can relate to more than this horrible horrible fear. I have been doing for for around 1 year and a half and not progressing to more advance moves this is becoming so relevant.

So now I will take you to story time of my pole fear at the moment. The story goes:

I often go Instagram to find new moves to practice and this is where 3 months ago, I found my nemesis move. It is called ‘the suicide spin’ and I know there are lots of different names for this move but I feel that its given name is accordance to how scary it is to do. This moves is where you you hook the back of your knee on the pole, with the hand closest to that leg, you grab your ankle. You then lean sideways and the only way I can describe is, you fall. The momentum should carry you and should spin nicely. Your other leg will catch the pole at the front and then you would be able to balance yourself. Every time I see videos of this move it seems simple enough and they all look so graceful I had to give it a go. However, more than 100 falls later, silently hating myself, the pole and any person who can do this move, I am stuck. The fear is not the pain of this move, which it is painful, I think the back of my knee will now always have a faded bruise on it but it is the fact that you have to fall and trust that a single point of contact will hold you there which to me is crazy! I have had some success with this move as I did it properly once on holiday with my Pole Club and you can see that video on Instagram but have been afraid to do it since as the matts in my studio are not as cushioned.
If you want to see what a typical day of practising for this spin is, you can look at my video post on Instragram posted on the 25/04/2017.

Below is a picture of what my stance for this move usually looks for for 20 minutes before I build up the courage to fall.


So, if you have a fear of something on the pole, I feel you! I can only say, that with practice, a good spotter and some encouragement (or friendly threats from my pole family) you will slowly overcome them!

Update. I can now do the suicide spin for 2 seconds with a crash mat in front of me. Slow progress but hey, at least its progress!


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