Other Pole Blogs to read


Here I am going to post about two pole blogs that I have been following and 2 books and some downloadable guides that I have which have helped me in progressing with pole.

First is the Holly. She is part of PoleFreaks which is a fantastic group that does blog posts, videos and pictures of pole moves, fitness advice and experiences they have with pole related things. They also do a 30 day pole challenge which is FREE, they send you daily a new workout to do and I highly recommend it! (I saw her at the UEA derby day and I fangirled so hard and then she left before I could take a picture. She is definitely one of the people I go to first when I am stuck with a move as her explanations are easy to follow).

Secondly it is the Charlotte Roberson handstand challenge. You can either by the full guide  which is 12 weeks worth of training or use the free download one. It is very helpful in strength building and I cannot recommend it enough. I am yet to handstand but I am slowly building to it.

Thirdly are some guides from two pole dancers I follow from Australia called Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle. These guides are more for those who wish on working with flexibility. You have split training, resistant band training, back and hip stretches guides, shoulder and upper back and also middle split training. I am currently in the process of buying all of the above and I will update you soon when I have purchased them! (Pay day cannot come quicker!)  ,

Lastly the two books I have bought are the Bendy Kate Stretching book and handstand book. I keep them in my gym bag for a post workout stretch and extra strengthening tips. I have found the pictures useful however, there is no video demonstration which is something others have and so this is a little annoying for stretches as i fear for some I have not done properly. However, I do recommend both as they are explained well and have techniques to make stretches more advanced.

Hope this has helped you!



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