Karen's Pole Page


Progression of a student Pole Dancer

This is a blog to capture all the moments of my pole progression from the highs and the lows. I'd like to share my story to you all and also keep this as a diary for myself. I have pictures, soon to have videos and step by step guides on the moves I have been taught. There will be post of mini interviews with other pole dancers of various abilities and also try to keep you up to date with some of the pole going's on in the world.



Picture above taken at our freshers fair! Showing potential new sign ups what they can do if they join and why they should start such a great sport.


Video of my first public performance at IUPDC 2017. I felt out of time and had stage freight but hopefully improve in my next performance.
Please check out more videos of this years IUPDC and especially the national finalists as they are incredible.